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Duration: 2017 - 2020

Partner: Agency for Administrative Control, Office of the Government 

Sponsor: DFAT & World Bank in Vietnam


Dr Dang Duc Anh, Senior Advisor of SKNV, introducing demo version of Dashboard researched and developed by SKVN for Government Office

4 Main objectives of this project

1. Creating a digital Dashboard and database to visualize and analyze key socio-economic indicators that serves the evidence-based policy making and the directing of the Government and the Prime Minister.

2. Rank performance of Ministries, Department, Locals; encourage transparency, effort in revolution.

3. Forecast, warn, analyze the situation, generation of solution to gain pre-set objectives.


  • Study international experience and design a pilot version of the dashboard monitoring indicators of socio-economic of the Government.

  • Provide technical consultancy to the Department of Administrative Procedures Control, Office of Government on the Government Reporting Information System.

  • Provide recommendations on developing Decree 09-2019/ NĐ-CP, issued on 24/01/2019 about the reporting regime of state administrative agencies.

  • Contribute to develop Decision 293/ QĐ-TTg, issued on 24/02/2020, promulgating a set of indicators for periodical and socio-economic statistical reports for the guidance of Government and the Prime Minister.

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